Child named for Hadassah hospital celebrates with hospital staff

Hadassah-Esther celebrates her first birthday with the midwife who helped deliver her at the hospital she is named for.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Hadassah Esther and her midwife Estee at her first birthday party
Hadassah Esther and her midwife Estee at her first birthday party
Hadassah Medical Center Spokesperson

A special birthday was held at Hadassah Medical Center for a child named for the hospital and for the midwife who helped deliver her.

"The birth experience was so special and amazing that we decided to call her Hadassah for the hospital and Esther for the nurse midwife who delivered her," the child mother wrote on Twitter.

"It was my seventh birth, and it was the easiest and the greatest experience of them all. The staff was with me throughout and I will never forget how much I enjoyed giving birth. Midwife Estee (Esther) didn't move from my bedside and stayed on when her shift ended because she wouldn't leave me. She gave me the positive energy to give birth to my daughter. While still in the hospital, I knew I wanted to stay forever connected to her and to Hadassah.

For Hadassah Esther's first birthday, the mother decided to make a party together with Estee at Hadassah Mount Scopus.

Nursing Director Ruti Radiano stated, "The whole staff was waiting to meet Hadassah-Esther and to give her a birthday present. Even the medical clowns came. We get a lot of compliments on the experience of childbirth here, but not everyday is a baby named Hadassah-Esther. This was a special connection that defies words. We promise to continue to provide professional and emotional experiences."