Holocaust memorial vandalized in Prague

Train window honoring children who escaped Nazis vandalized in attack that was '100% planned.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


A Prague memorial honoring Jewish children who escaped the Nazis has been vandalized, The Guardian reported.

The Valediction Memorial at Prague's main train station represented the trains used to bring 669 children from Prague to Britain, and honored Sir Nicholas Winston, the "British Schindler."

A train window engraved with handprints depicting the children's farewells from their parents was cracked lengthwise.

Jan Hunat, the Czech engraver who designed the window, said he believed the vandals dislodged the window from its frame before striking it from behind with a hammer.

Speaking to The Guardian, Hunat emphasized, "One hundred percent, this was planned. The person who did this has definitely gone prepared to do it. The glass is 18mm thick and there’s no way it could have been broken otherwise. On one of the hands, even the tips of the fingers are broken."

He also said a full repair would entail a making an entirely new window.

Police have opened an investigation but have not yet arrested any suspects, something which Tomas Kraus, secretary of the federation of Czech Jewish organizations, blamed on the lack of security cameras at the scene.