Smotrich called on Peretz to fire senior aide, Peretz refused

MK Smotrich reportedly demanded Rabbi Peretz fire his chief of staff, who released briefing against Smotrich, but Jewish Home chair refused.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Peretz and Smotrich
Peretz and Smotrich

National Union Chairman Bezalel Smotrich has appealed to Chairman of the United Right Rabbi Rafi Peretz, threatening to break up the partnership between them if Peretz does not fire his chief of staff, whom he claims is responsible for the briefing last night.

According to Channel 13, Peretz told Smotrich that the briefing had not been given in accordance with his opinion, but that he did not intend to fire the chief of staff.

Earlier, Peretz tried to calm the flames and wrote on Twitter: "In recent months Bezalel and I have been walking shoulder to shoulder despite attempts to split the unity of the camp.”

"I reject all the announcements that were issued last night. We will continue to be partners and enter the government together just as we have gone together all along," promised the chairman of the Jewish Home.

MK Smotrich thanked Rabbi Peretz, saying: "Absolutely no one will be able to divide us and drill a hole in the religious Zionist ship. Unity is more important than anything else. Anyone who tries to do this must be out today! Otherwise, it won’t stop. It is our responsibility and we owe it to the public and the people of Israel."