Blue and White: Don't appoint ambassadors before elections

Blue and White party appeals to A-G, demands that Netanyahu be prohibited from appointing new ambassadors during the election period.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Avichai Mandelblit
Avichai Mandelblit
Flash 90

The Blue and White party, through its attorneys, appealed on Wednesday to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and demanded that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu be prohibited from appointing new permanent ambassadors to the UN and Egypt during the election period.

The move follows reports that Netanyahu wants to appoint Minister Gilad Erdan as Israel's ambassador to the United Nations and Minister Ayoob Kara as Israel's ambassador to Egypt.

In a letter sent to Mandelblit, Blue and White's lawyers claimed that according to the Supreme Court rulings and the Attorney General's instructions, a transitional government and its leader are not permitted to make clear political appointments to two of the most important positions in the Foreign Ministry during an election period.

The letter mentions that the attempt to appoint Erdan and Kara as ambassadors at this time "raises grave suspicion that we are dealing with political appointments intended to solve internal problems for the prime minister, and in any case presents the next government with a fait accompli."