New Right:
'Negotiations? Only in a month and a half'

Party announces it intends to run in the upcoming elections, but will suspend negotiations for alliances with other parties until July 15.

Hezki Baruch ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90

The New Right party announced that it intends to begin negotiations over alliances in the right-wing camp only in the middle of next month.

"The New Right movement is galloping forward with all its might in order to bring together the right-wing public that wants real right-wing policy reflected in actions on the ground, in governance, in welcoming and inclusive Judaism, and in a unifying discourse. The home of this public is the New Right movement. In learning from the previous election, we will make absolutely certain that no right-wing vote will be lost, by means of unions on the right," the party said.

The statement also said that the party does not intend to address alliances between the right-wing parties until next month. "We have informed our friends in the other parties over the last hour that in light of the many false reports on the subject of the negotiations, from now until July 15 we will not deal with negotiations, empty discussions about connections, leaks, placements and positions, but rather will focus on bringing as many votes as possible to the movement and the camp. Starting from July 15 we will renew the negotiations with the various parties and form a large right-wing front by the time the final lists are submitted."

"We emphasize that various journalists who report half-truths and outlines that do not exist in order to get a headline, their reports are according to themselves only. At the moment, we have one goal on which we will focus: Victory for the right and the nationalist camp.”