'Liberman trampled the haredim'

United Torah Judaism MK criticizes Yisrael Beytenu chairman after Knesset is dissolved.

MK Yaakov Asher ,

Yaakov Asher
Yaakov Asher
Aharon Krohn/Flash 90

The decision to go to new elections is a scandal and a failure caused by one politician named Avigdor Liberman, who chose to disguise his desire to prevent Binyamin Netanyahu from establishing the government for his own reasons with a campaign of incitement and blatant humiliation of the haredi public, its leaders and representatives in the Knesset.

Throughout the entire period of negotiations, I said on every stage that what bothers Liberman is not the issue of enlistment, but rather his obsessive desire to hurt Netanyahu because of personal motives and this, unfortunately, was proven true.

We always knew that Liberman, unlike Yair Lapid, did not hate the haredim and was always proud of his closeness to them. Nevertheless, he chose cynicism and cold-bloodedness to trample on the haredi public and to misrepresent in order to serve his political and personal motives on our backs.

History has proven time after time that those who persecute the Torah have disappeared from the public agenda and have been forgotten, and his fate will be the same.