'Liberman won't fold or compromise'

Yisrael Beytenu's Oded Forer explains why his party won't budge on Draft Law issue. 'Draft Law is symbol of submission.'


Flash 90

MK Oded Forer (Yisrael Beytenu) on Wednesday morning told 103FM Radio why his party won't compromise on the Draft Law.

"The Draft Law is a symbol, it's a symbol of another process of submission to a caprice," he explained. "Because what's the Draft Law? The Draft Law is a compromise we've already made with the haredi parties. It's a law that they themselves will tell you - and I'm sure you've spoken to them in interviews as well as in closed rooms - they tell you that the law is fine with them."

"They have no problem with the law. Right now they're trying to make improvements,.they always prefer a different law... They're talking at the end of the day, about making it subject to the government's decisions, and that way we can change the entire law."

Regarding the question of whether Yisrael Beytenu is avoiding the issue by using the Draft Law as an excuse, Forer told 103FM, "Everyone likes conspiracy theories. I have two answers: One, try him. He offered a compromise. If he's trying to annoy Netanyahu, then the moment they offer a compromise, he'll find another excuse. So give him his compromise. Let the haredim not vote for the law."

"Second, for the past month and a half we've reiterated that we won't budge from our stance. We have a few basic principles we won't budge from," Forer said. "But what's happening? I still hear in the morning how everyone keeps banging their heads against the wall, saying he's going to give in, he has to get out of this mess. He's not going to give in, he's not going to be the one to compromise."

"It's a lot easier, that instead of Netanyahu spending all his energies, for already a month and a half, he's putting enormous energies into pressuring Avigdor Liberman, I'm telling you my opinion...spend the same amount of energy, believe me, into pressuring the haredi parties."