American woman saves brother in Israel

Nurse in New York saves her brother after he suffers heart attack during video call in Bat Yam.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

One of the MDA Paramedics called to the scene
One of the MDA Paramedics called to the scene
MDA spokesperson

A 50-year-old man from Israel collapsed during a video call with his sister from New York.

The sister, who is a nurse, immediately understood the situation and called Magen David Adom in Israel. An ambulance was quickly dispatched to the man's house in Bat Yam.

MDA forces who arrived at the scene entered the apartment within a short time, with the help of firefighters who broke down the door. MDA paramedic David Weimpaimer and the rest of the emergency medical team immediately began tests and determined that the man had suffered a severe heart attack. They gave the man advanced life-saving medical care, including medication, until his condition stabilized and he regained full consciousness. The team then evacuated him to the Wolfson hospital intensive care unit.

MDA paramedic Naomi Zvi stated: "We received a report from the MDA center about a man who lost consciousness in his apartment in Bat Yam. The firefighters arrived quickly and opened the door, and we could enter the apartment."

"When we entered the apartment, we saw a light in the bedroom, and we ran in. In bed, a man of about 50 was unconscious. His sister was still in a video call to his cell phone and was upset at her brother's condition. We gave him advanced medical treatment, while updating the intensive care unit in the hospital. After a few dramatic minutes, his condition stabilized and he returned to full consciousness. Then, we evacuated him in an MDA intensive care unit directly to Wolfson Hospital, where the doctors in the unit are prepared to receive him," said Zvi.

To sum up the unique case, Tzvi said: "I have been a Paramedic for many years in MDA, and I do not remember such a case. It's really saving a life from across the world."