Miami man arrested over threats to bagel shop

Miami man arrested for calling bagel shop and threatening to "get rid of" Jews.

Ben Ariel,


A Miami man has been arrested for making threatening phone calls to a local bagel shop, JTA reported on Sunday.

The man called the Bagel Time Café several times on May 6, and in his last call threatened to “get rid of” Jews, Miami’s Local10 reported.

The man first told the owners over the telephone that he would “expose you all” after asking if they were Jewish.

In another call he said that Jews were taking over the world, saying, “We’re going to make sure you can’t overpopulate like you are now and we’re going to get rid of you.” He added, “I’m here. That’s my mission,” according to the report.

The suspect has been named as Jorge Mateo Rucinque, 26. He was arrested the day after the phone calls.

He reportedly told officers of the Miami Beach Police Department’s Intelligence Unit that he sought out Jewish businesses by searching the internet for key words such as “Jews” and “kosher”, according to JTA.

In December of 2018, a 35-year-old Muslim man was arrested after he threatened a synagogue in Miami.

Earlier that month, a city of Miami police sergeant was suspended from his job after a video surfaced of him tossing a Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) while using some choice words to describe it.

The officer was fired from his job a month later.