Unmasking Iranian and Palestinian hybrid warfare against Israel

How do terrorist organizations join a sovereign Muslim state to attack Israel?

Israel News Talk Radio, | updated: 16:02

Mortar fire from Gaza
Mortar fire from Gaza

Rod Reuven Dovid Bryant and Jerry Gordon interview Dan Diker, Director of the Program to Counter Political Warfare at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

The interview took place after the 48-hour rocket war against Israel instigated by Iran-controlled Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Iran-funded Hamas, a wing of the international Muslim Brotherhood movement.

The 700-rocket onslaught against Israel resulted in deaths of four Israelis in Southern Israel, and retaliation by Israel resulted in 25 Palestinian casualties. Israel illustrated its precision counterterrorism strategy in Gaza with the first missile attack against Palestinian cyber warfare facility.

Diker alleges that weekly violent protests on the Gaza-Israel frontier depicted Israel in Western media as operating "an open-air prison" for the enclave’s 2 million residents. This was crafted to accuse Israel of human rights violations.