Naftali Bennett:
'I did my best; I'll never stop giving to the people of Israel'

Education Minister at Israel Prize ceremony: 'Those who can't allow themselves to fail in a big way will never be brave enough to win big.'

Mordechai Sones,

Bennett at Israel Prize ceremony
Bennett at Israel Prize ceremony
Flash 90

Education Minister Naftali Bennett delivered his last speech as Education Minister of Israel this evening at the Israel Prize ceremony.

Bennett referred in his speech to the failure of the New Right Party in the last elections.

"In the past month, my children asked me questions, what's the meaning of a disaster, how will I continue; I explained everything to them, that you try with all your might, that you don't give up as long as there's a chance.

"I merited for the last four years to lead the education of all the children of Israel - secular, haredi, and religious; Jews and Arabs, Bedouins, Druze, and Circassians - all of them were my children. My deep gratitude is to you, the citizens of Israel, and to the Creator, for granting me the honor to serve you. Only one thing I can say: I did the best I could for you, the People of Israel, my beloved people."

Bennett added: "There's still so much work, and there are many people as good as I to carry it out. You're in good hands. I love my people, the people of Israel, and my land, the Land of Israel, with all my heart. And I promise: wherever I am, I'll never stop giving everything I can to the people of Israel."

In his speech, Bennett referred to three cases in Jewish history when prominent figures took groundbreaking decisions: Nachshon Ben Aminadav in the Exodus from Egypt, Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl before the establishment of the State of Israel, and David Ben-Gurion during the War of Independence.

"It is often Nachshon's fate to be underestimated, but it's the innovators who build the world, and because of these few who are prepared to take a risk, who are prepared to fight their way against everyone and be willing to absorb cynicism and ridicule, our world progresses. Here, every one of them is Nachshon in his field," said Bennett in reference to the Israel Prize winners.

"As the Education Minister of Israel, I call from here to every single student, every entrepreneur, and every person in Israel who bears a dream: Be brave.

"Those who cannot allow themselves to fail big, will never be brave enough to win big. Work for the realization of your dream. Be among those who struggle and fight at the front, and not of those who mock and criticize from the rear.

"We have a special role in the world, our mission as a nation and as a state is to be a model nation, and this will happen only out of the deep security of our country vis-à-vis our enemies on the outside, and from a healthy debate with the courage to listen to each other in the inside," Bennett said.