15,000 celebrate Independence Day at IDF Samaria exhibition

Thousands throng to largest IDF exhibition in Israel in Samaria to enjoy free shows, exhibits

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Celebration in Samaria
Celebration in Samaria
Roi Hadi

About 15,000 people visited an IDF exhibition in Samaria to celebrate Israel's Independence Day on Thursday.

The visitors enjoyed free shows, IDF exhibits, the Luna Park complex, a virtual reality complex, and more at the largest IDF exhibition in the country.

The event was held for the ninth consecutive year with the cooperation of the Samaria Regional Council and the Samaria Brigade.

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan and Samaria Brigade commander Major General Sagiv Dahan handed out cards to the children at the exhibition: "We are privileged to live in an age that is miraculous. This is a great privilege, and the great hug that the public gives here to the IDF and to Samaria, by its very presence here, excites us all," Dagan said.

"There is no doubt that this is the largest Independence Day event in Samaria," said Dagan. "There are celebrators from all over the country - religious, secular and haredi - the settlement is the IDF and the IDF is the settlement."

"There are those who, together with his soldiers, work day and night for the safety of the residents of Samaria, and we are also here to salute these dear people and to say thank you."

The commander thanked everyone in attendance: "We are happy that the entire nation of Israel came here, we are happy that you come here and travel in the region. We thank the Samaria Regional Council and wish a happy holiday to everyone."