Rocket attacks continue
'Start doing something - the time has come to act'

Chairman of Ashkelon burial society remembers his friend Moshe Agadi killed by rocket. 'All he cared about was praying for our soldiers.'

Hezki Baruch,

Rocket attack in Askelon
Rocket attack in Askelon
Hezki Baruch

Moshe Yifrach, chairman of the Hevra Kadisha (burial society) in Ashkelon, told Arutz Sheva about his friend Moshe Agadi, who was killed overnight by a direct rocket hit from Gaza.

"Moshe was a modest, humble, God-fearing man, a man of giving and kindness. The only thing that interested him was to recite psalms and pray for our soldiers in the wake of the situation we are in," Yifrach said.

Yifrach addressed the country's leaders: "Start doing something. We have no problem not to celebrate Independence Day and we do not need the Eurovision Song Contest. We need to restore our deterrent ability. Otherwise we return to these rounds and unfortunately, they also carry a price in blood. The time has come to act."

As chairman of the Hevra Kadisha, Yifrach hopes to have as little work as possible: "We wish that we would not have work but that is from heaven. We would like to bury people aged 90-100 and not at this age. We accept the prayers of the Jewish people and hope that we will have only quiet.”

משה יפרח, מספר על חברו משה אגדי הי"ד