Many mothers, many angels

Rena Quint survived the horrors of the Holocaust because of six mothers and many angels.

Judy Simon,

Rena Quint
Rena Quint

Life Lessons - Many Mothers, Many Angels

Mrs. Rena Quint was born in Piotrkow Poland as Fredja Lichtensztjan. From the age of three and a half until the age of about nine and a half, the young girl went through six different mothers, or "angels" as she calls them, without whom she would have never made it to adulthood.

"I don't remember my own mother ever giving me a kiss," Rena shares. It was not until the age of 20 that she learned children's songs and finger games for the first time. "I never had that as a child."

What the young girl did have was a keen awareness of the stench of death. A child survivor of Bergen-Belsen, Rena describes in bone-chilling detail what she lived through, and almost died through.

After the camp was liberated by the British, Rena was almost adopted by a Christian family while in a refugee hospital in Sweden. The sudden death of a girl named Fanny, the subsequent death of her fifth "mother," and a wonderful Shabbat experience in Brooklyn are some of the events that led Rena to become adopted by Leah and Joseph Globe. She was lovingly raised as a regular, American-Jewish girl by this last set of angels, leading her to become the warm, caring woman she is today.

When the teacher asked if anyone knew any survivors, Rena's son David said his mother was one. The teacher had trouble believing this.

"Well, I speak English like an American, because, as a child, I never spoke any language well," Rena said. "I never went to school until I was ten years old. And then I was brought up by an American family. I did the things that everyone else did. I wanted to be like everybody else. I wanted to belong and I didn't want anyone to know about my past."

Together with Barbara Sofer, Rena has just published her life story in the form of a book called, "Daughter of Many Mothers."

Tune in to meet this incredible woman, a survivor against all odds, as she shares the stages of her miraculous survival.