Bennett: We made a lot of mistakes, I don't regret it

Outgoing Education Minister Bennett admits party made mistakes, says he doesn't regret split from Jewish Home party.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Outgoing Education Minister Naftali Bennett (New Right) admitted that his party had made mistakes in the period leading up to Israel's elections but said he "does not regret even for a second" his decision to split from the Jewish Home party.

The New Right failed to pass the threshold to enter the 21st Knesset. The Jewish Home party, which was a joint list comprised of the Jewish Home and National Union factions, is currently running together with the Otzma Yehudit party under the joint United Right list.

In a recording published Tuesday by News 13, Bennett can be heard telling a post-election gathering of party members: "When I do introspection, I don't regret the decision for a second. We made a lot of mistakes on the way, during the process."

"The party we created is exactly how it should be. Our essence is first of all connection, not just the fact that we're more right-wing."

Two weeks ago, following the announcement of the election results, Bennett wrote on Facebook: "I did the best I could for my beloved nation. This time, it wasn't enough. I have no complaints to anyone, I and only I am responsible for the results."

"There are those who made fun of us for the effort to pass the electoral threshold: 'It's pathetic, it's hopeless, it's desperate.' That's okay. I prefer to be one of those who fights at the front and not one of those who ridicules from the bleachers. We're not success contractors, we're emissaries of effort. And I did everything I could. That's the only way to succeed - to try, even if it looks hopeless. Sometimes it succeeds - this time, it didn't.

"We found irregularities and even more than that in the voting counts, but they, in and of themselves, were not enough to cancel the results of the elections. Our legal experts will examine the results in the coming weeks, but at this point we're moving on. No matter where I am, I will never cease being a soldier for the nation of Israel."