Israeli wounded in synagogue attack reunited with niece he saved

'I took all of the kids and put them in a safe house. But the youngest girl was missing.'

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Uncle and niece reunited after attack
Uncle and niece reunited after attack
Hadashot 13

Almog Peretz, one of the two Israelis who were wounded in the shooting attack on a San Diego-area synagogue on Saturday, met Sunday evening with his nieces whom he saved from gunman John T. Earnest.

During the attack, Peretz led a group of children away from the attack to safety, but was unable to find his youngest niece, Noya Dahan.

“I brought all of the kids and put them in a safe house,” Peretz told Hadashot 13. “But the youngest girl was missing.”

“Only at the end they told me that she had gone to the bathroom.”

Noya, 8, was wounded in the attack, and is now recovering in the hospital.

“It was like any other weekend, and we were in the synagogue praying,” said Noya. “I don’t remember what I took with me from inside, but I needed to get something. Then I heard someone shooting, and I saw the rabbi. He jumped like crazy, and was badly wounded. I was wounded in my leg and near my eye, and I fell down the stairs.”