"I heard a girl screaming: 'Mommy, I'm scared'"

Gil Pasternak, who was at Poway Chabad during the shooting, recounts his experience of the attack.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Chabad of Poway
Chabad of Poway

Regina and Gil Pasternak, a couple who were with their son in the Chabad of Poway synagogue during the shooting attack, on Sunday recounted to Reshet Bet their experience during the attack, in which Lori Gilbert Kay was murdered and three people were wounded.

Regina said, "My husband and Gil went to the synagogue in the morning, as usual, around 10 AM. Around 11:30 PM, my husband called to say that there was a terrorist attack.The terrorist entered, 19 years old, older than my son, finished high school here in our area. He entered the synagogue, at the entrance he killed a woman with three shots to the stomach."

Gil related, "I was at the entrance to the synagogue. The first thing I saw was a man with a gun who was really running, I thought to run away, I started running and he was also running. I ran toward a room I knew was open and hid under one of the tables."

"He did not notice me at first, he shot the woman who was at the entrance, three times, and then he noticed me as I was about to reach the room and started yelling at me, ‘run, you son of a b***h.’ I ran into the room, dove under a table and hid underneath. The terrorist went into the room, he understood that I was hiding so he went into the main hall and fired six or seven times," he added.

Gil noted that he understood straightaway that a shooting attack was underway. “I knew exactly what was happening, I heard a screaming, I head a little girl scream, ‘Mommy, I'm afraid,’ I heard a woman screaming, 'Oh my G-d, he shot her.' Everyone ran away and hid, and fortunately I then began to hear shots from another gun. We had a security man in the synagogue, he scared the terrorist and the terrorist fled."