'Cleared for publication': Netanyahu with IDF soldiers

Netanyahu publishes pictures taken in the election period on social media, ridiculing the AG's ban on pictures with IDF soldiers.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Netanyahu with IDF soldiers (archive)
Netanyahu with IDF soldiers (archive)
Chaim Tzach

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu published a clip of pictures in which he's seen with IDF soldiers and officers on social media on Thursday.

The pictures were taken during Netanyahu's pre-election tours in recent months but he was forbidden from publishing them during the election period as per the ban of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit of using the IDF for election purposes.

Following the Mandelblit directive, the Prime Minister's legal advisor, attorney Shlomit Fargo Barnea, ordered the removal of all pictures and videos uploaded during the election campaign from the official pages of the Prime Minister's Office in which IDF soldiers appeared.

According to the position of the Attorney General, during the 90 days prior to the elections and election day itself, it is forbidden to harness the IDF for election campaigning, including IDF soldiers, by publishing their pictures together with the prime minister, defense minister or with any candidate on any party list.

The ban also applies to political references to the IDF by the prime minister, the defense minister or any candidate on any party's list at IDF facilities, in the course of tours or visits held at its facilities.