Smotrich: If not Justice Minister, I'll be Education Minister

Ben Caspit and Roni Bar-On speak with MK Bezalel Smotrich on Radio 103FM.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Flash 90

Are you going to be the next justice minister?

"With the help of G-d. This is our demand, and I hope that this will be the case. I'll be the justice minister who will strengthen the court and public trust in it. The main objective is to restore it to its original role - the government will rule and the Knesset will legislate. The courts will judge but won't replace the elected officials and won't interfere in political questions. Each one will do its job."

You want to be either the education minister or the justice minister?

"We're demanding both but if I don't become the justice minister, I'll demand to be the education minister.

Ben Caspit: I don't know what I would prefer.

"When I was a student, Yossi Sarid and Shulamit Aloni were the ministers of education. We didn't leave the schools at the time. If I'll be the education minister, everyone will continue to study in the schools. The first step I would take is to restore the privilege and obligation to educate. I think that the education system should not only provide knowledge but also educate values and truths."

"I'll educate about the values ​​that I believe in and you'll educate the values ​​that you believe in and there's a risk in that. But we won't only educate about the five units of mathematics and English. We need to restore respect for teachers like it was in the past. If teachers only dish out knowledge like Wikipedia, they won't be respected."

You talked about truth and lies. Three or four years ago, you said that Netanyahu is not actually right-wing, and the two-state solution is a stone thrown by one fool that 20 wise men won't be able to achieve. And if Netanyahu would have been Ben-Gurion, the state of Israel wouldn't have been established because Ben-Gurion had courage.

"The two-state plan is indeed fiction. The maximum that the most extreme Left can give is far less than the minimum that the sweetest leader is able to accept and remain alive. There are two conflicting national aspirations here. It's never been realistic - we've been trying to share this land for 70 years and it's not working."

Could it be that all the talk about the justice portfolio is to comfort the public with Yariv Levin in the position versus you?

"Levin is a worthy candidate. He prefers the British model of disqualifying laws. I prefer the Canadian model of revocation by a normal majority of 61. Both Yariv and I are very central and balanced on this issue, not extremists. The justice system has emerged from its most extreme position in the last 30 years and we're trying to balance it. We hope to succeed."

Are you the one who will raise the issue of immunity for the prime minister? What offer are you going to submit?

"I'll return the immunity law we had until 2005 word for word. The significance is that if the Attorney General wants to file an indictment against any MK or minister, he'll need to convince the Knesset to remove the immunity of someone who received the trust of the public only yesterday."

Roni Bar-On: I was the one who brought about the amendment of the law that changed the order of things so that a Knesset member needs to request to remain under the protection of immunity. You'll only spare Netanyahu the shame.

"I'm not amending this law for the prime minister. Immunity is a key element in the separation of powers and the ability of elected officials to do their job."

This is a corruption offense unrelated to his activities as a member of the Knesset. Since we changed the law, no Knesset member has sought immunity. Isn't that a success story?

"The prime minister is not the subject of the discussion but the state of Israel, the public interest and the respect for the will of the people in the democratic decision."

Does it make sense to you that prime ministers, ministers and Knesset members will escape the threat of justice only because they are elected officials? What will we descend to?

"I'll ask a similar question. Does it make sense that a serious criminal will escape the fear of judgment because the evidence of his wrongdoing was obtained by illegal eavesdropping?"

It's not related. That law applies to the entire public. Immunity applies only to Knesset members.

"The criminal system in the state of Israel balances between all its interests. There's an interest in honoring the democratic decision here also and it overrides the criminal process."

You're describing a city of refuge in politics for criminals.

Totally not. It worked well until 2005. It will work after we amend the law as well.