Grandfather of murdered baby: Demolition four months too late

Grandfather of baby murdered in Ofra terror attack says demolitions should be 'only one of a list of actions' to punish, deter, terrorists.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Chaim Silberstein
Chaim Silberstein
Esti Dezibov/TPS

Chaim Silberstein, the grandfather of the baby murdered in a terror attack at the Ofra Junction, responded to the demolition of the terrorist's home.

In the December terror attack, Hamas terrorists opened fire on a group of Israeli civilians waiting at a bus stop outside of the town of Ofra, north of Jerusalem, injuring seven people, including 21-year-old Shira Ish-Ran and her husband, Amichai.

Doctors were forced to perform an emergency Cesarean section on Shira, who was thirty weeks pregnant at the time. While both Shira and Amichai recovered,, their newborn son, Amiad Yisrael, died three days after the attack.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva on Wednesday, Silberstein said, "Although this comes four months late we are grateful and relieved that the IDF finally carried out this necessary action. We hope that this will help increase the sorely needed deterrence of Israel against terrorism."

"This should be only one of a list of actions needed to both punish and deter terrorists and want to be terrorists.

"These actions include destroying the homes of accomplices expelling of the families and their helpers, preventing pay for slay payments, worsening of the hotel like conditions in the prisons and death sentences for convicted murderers. May Hashem avenge the blood of our grandson Amiad Yisrael and all the victims of terrorism