Shaked: The revolution we started will not stop

Outgoing justice minister thanks supporters after being voted out of office, says country will continue on path she and Bennett started.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Justice Minister of the State of Israel Ayelet Shaked
Justice Minister of the State of Israel Ayelet Shaked
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Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked published a farewell post on Tuesday following the official announcement of the results of the Knesset elections, which revealed that the New Right party had failed to clear the electoral threshold.

"Dear friends, supporters and activists, thank you. You are amazing, true idealists, that every party would be happy to have," Shaked wrote.

"The fighting spirit of the hundreds of volunteers who came from all over the country excited me and encouraged me in these difficult times. Some of the findings have been corrected by the Elections Committee, where ballot boxes have been found, and suspicions of criminal activity have been transferred to the Elections Committee and from there to a police investigation, but we can not disqualify the results.

"I'm optimistic. I am a great believer in Israeli democracy and I am grateful that I was given the right to serve the State of Israel in the Knesset and the government. Every day when I was Minister of Justice, I reminded myself that I was the justice minister of a sovereign Jewish state in the Land of Israel.

"I thank my partner, Minister Naftali Bennett, for presenting a wonderful, ethical and true path.

"In recent years we have contributed to diverting the Israeli ship to the right on many levels. I hope she will continue to sail in the right direction. For the first time, the Israeli public voted right and got right in the full sense of the word, and I believe that this trend will continue. We changed the Messiah discourse of evacuation into the discourse of legalization, the messiah of legalization to the discourse of governance, the messiah of servility into a discourse of daring, a messiah of acceptance of reality as it is into the discourse of changing the existing situation. The new spirit we have brought to the Israeli government will continue.

"I'm optimistic. The revolution we started will not stop. It will continue with greater vigor, simply because it is impossible to do otherwise.

"I am proud that I served the people of Israel as a public and justice minister in such a unique period in Jewish history. Jewish sovereignty is not self-evident. We were privileged to take part in the revival of the Jewish people in its land.

"I promise that I will continue to serve the Israeli public wherever I turn, with love and devotion.

Dear friends, activists and supporters, keep in touch.

"I wish you a happy holiday of freedom. We'll meet after the holiday.

"I love you very much,