Tiberias Mayor:
Instead of holiday blessing, threats and intimidation

Tiberias city council member describes speech by Mayor to city educational institution directors and threats he issued during speech.

Mordechai Sones ,

Ron Kobi
Ron Kobi
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Tiberias city council member Raphael Treblesi sent an incensed letter to Tiberias Mayor Ron Kobi following Kobi's speech to city educational institution directors.

"It was brought to my attention that you came to the Forum of Education System Administrators in Tiberias to bless them for the holiday of Passover, but to the amazement of all present, you chose to dedicate your speech to city education administrators, who are dedicated to educating the next generation," Treblelsi noted.

"You descended so low as to threaten the administrators like a man from the street, that you could be a 'friend' but also an 'enemy.' You went on to say that 'weeds should be uprooted' (comparing administrators to weeds!) and adding that 'whoever isn't with you will suffer 5 years or he'll leave'.

"I quote only a very small part of your long, crass, and disrespectful speech to managers, supervisors, and network representatives who were stunned by the style and personality that holds the education portfolio and is the mayor of Tiberias," said Treblesi. "Maybe you don't know it yet, although six months have passed since your election to mayor, but most of the school principals in Tiberias are Education Ministry employees who are subordinate to the Education Ministry and not employees of the Tiberias Municipality subject to the dictatorship you're trying to lead. These are professional, dedicated, and beloved managers who have proved for years, educational, quality, value-oriented, professional, and dedicated work together with advancing impressive achievements in a wide range of fields.

"The truth is, you succeed in surprising me every time anew, and this only sharpens for me every passing day that you are a glitch in the history of Tiberias. Where does a mayor speak in such crass and disrespectful language?! Where does one hear a mayor defame managers (both in front of them and over social networks) and tries to intimidate them instead of turning them into partners?" Treblesi wondered.

Later in the letter, Treblesi mentioned a number of cases where he claimed Mayor Kobi harassed directors of prominent educational institutions in the city.

"The school principals are shocked and hurt, and some even announced they won't come again to meetings of the kind they attended this week, just like the city employees themselves, who didn't attend the toast a few days ago in honor of Passover when they voted with their feet and only a few employees arrived. I'm ashamed and embarrassed for the managers and the public, who have to hear your insults," he added.

At the end of the letter, Treblesi, who also sent copies to the directors-general of the Interior and Education Ministries and senior officials of both ministries, said: "I appeal for intervention by the national professionals listed below to give protection, response, and encouragement to professionals and in order to save the city of Tiberias and its inhabitants from the insane man who was accidentally elected mayor of the city with no vision, path, or basic honor."