'Shaked is worthy of being a Likud minister'

Likud MK David Bitan: 'If I were Netanyahu, I would appoint her as a minister on behalf of Likud.'

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked
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Minister Ayelet Shaked is worthy of being a minister on behalf of the Likud, former coalition chairman and Likud MK David Bitan told “Hadashot Haboker” on Channel 12.

According to Bitan, if Shaked had accepted his proposal as was made in the past, the New Right party would not have been established, and Shaked would have found herself in the Likud leadership because of the popularity she enjoys in the ranks of the party but, unfortunately, she made a number of mistakes. "If I were Netanyahu I would appoint her as a minister on behalf of the Likud."

As noted, when asked whether Shaked deserves the position of minister on behalf of the Likud, Bitan responded in the affirmative. At the same time, when asked the same about Bennett, he replied in the negative, citing Bennett's harsh statements against Prime Minister Netanyahu.

MK Bitan also referred to Moshe Kahlon and his party, saying that they could easily join the Likud because of their positions and their political and public personalities. "We were always ready to welcome him. He is Likud and Eli Cohen is Likud. The matter depends on the demands."

As for the expected negotiations with Avigdor Liberman, who demands the defense and interior ministries, Bitan asserted that his demands are exaggerated because Netanyahu has determined the formula for dividing the portfolios in the next government, which involves giving the United Right two portfolios in any outcome. He said that while it was thereby established that each party would receive two portfolios, two senior portfolios on the level of defense and the interior could not be given to the same party.

Bitan sees Minister Yariv Levin as the most worthy candidate for the post of justice minister. "The time has come for the Likud to enter the matter clearly," he said.