Aliyah: When the facts don't tell the truth

How attempts to persuade Jews not to immigrate to Israel by means of 'facts' do not achieve their goal.

Dr. Sam Minskoff,

New olim arrive in Israel
New olim arrive in Israel
Gideon Markowicz/Flash 90

Dr. Sam Minskoff, a member of the Aliyah Team at Arutz Sheva, discusses the controversy centered around Jews making aliyah (immigrating to Israel).

Fact and truth are often confused, twisted and adroitly applied in an underhanded way, aiding Jew-haters discouraging aliyah in an attempt to destroy Jews and Israel through misinformation from the media and religious leadership, as well as certain organizations disguising themselves as Zionists.

Dr. Minskoff calls for Jews to learn to discern truth from fact and not be caught up in the ever-so-popular and increasing Jew-hatred and lies. To truly research this, visiting and experiencing Israel even for a short while sharpens those discerning skills necessary to make the right choice.