Top secret special intel unit recognized for anti-terror work

Head of IDF Intelligence Directorate awards Unit 504 for its work in the north for the last 5 years.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Tomer Heiman
Tomer Heiman
IDF Spokesperson

This week, the head of the Intelligence Directorate, Major General Tamir Heiman, gave a commendation on behalf of the Head of Intelligence to Unit 504 for establishing and establishing a unique operational capability in the northern arena between 2013-2018.

The IDF stated: "From 2013-2018, the unit was tasked with thwarting terrorism and disrupting the establishment of terrorist elements in the northern arena. Determining the intelligence and operational opportunity by gathering information of tactical and strategic significance, the unit established a significant and dominant ability, and achieved exceptional achievements in the arena of action. In this endeavor, the unit demonstrated initiative, innovation and striving for victory and contact, in cooperation with many bodies within and outside the Israel Defense Forces who contributed to the supremacy of the Israel Defense Forces and the security of the State of Israel. For this action, Unit 504 receives this citation from the Head of Intelligence."

The head of the Intelligence Branch, Major General Tamir Heiman, said: "I have known the activity of Unit 504 in my days as the commander of a division, and today I am honored to reward it and to close the circle as head of the Intelligence Branch. The organization provided reliable reports and later established an impressive operational capability that succeeded in thwarting terrorist attacks and neutralizing threats that endanger the State of Israel. The intelligence and operational achievements of 504 reflect, in practice, the change that took place in Military Intelligence at the time and continues to take place these days. Its purpose - to take advantage of the opportunities from the challenges and change in the mission - goes beyond the description of reality to the impact on reality in accordance with the security priorities of the State of Israel. It is not self-evident that a secret intelligence connection will become a successful operational operation combined with ongoing security. This requires creative thinking, and investment - in planning and execution. I am confident that you will continue to succeed in the face of the challenges you are currently facing."

From the words of the commander of the unit, Col. R: "To know where we come from - what are our relative advantages, what is the professional basis that has developed in the unit in the decades since its establishment, and what are the nutritional strengths built here over generations? The opportunities presented by the present and the future - what is the correct interpretation of the present and what has changed in the reality around us that requires us to change accordingly, and no less important - to know who we are accountable for - to be relevant, to act in a context, to understand the systemic need, and to always remember that if we are not part of a broader context, we cannot succeed. I would like to thank all our partners over the years and as a unit we must preserve the important lesson we have learned about the value of the partnership and continue to implement it in every area and field of unit work. And to the rest of the commanders in the command unit, which is recognized in this citation - a continuation of high quality, creative and tactical intelligence work at the highest standard in order to support and enable the IDF and Military Intelligence to fulfill its mission