Discover PADANI – Israel’s Leading Jewelry Brand!

PADANI is running a Pre-Pesach Spring Sale with savings of up to 50% off their jewelry and watch collection


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PADANI, the Leading Jewelry Brand in Israel is currently running an amazing Pre-Pesach Spring Sale with Savings of Up to 50% Off their one-of-a-kind Jewelry and Watch Collections!

The PADANI legacy began in 1897 when it was established by a renowned family of Belgian Diamond Merchants. The daughter of the family, Malvene, married a young jeweler by the name of Henri (Uri) Padani. Together, they built a reputation in the diamond industry, by virtue of the outstanding quality of their craftsmanship.

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Since, PADANI has been true to its slogan: “Jewelry for Connoisseurs” and is proud of the creative and unique designs which it produces. As such, the wide range of advanced designs and production techniques make it possible for each and every customer to choose a piece that is close to his or her heart and suited to the budget.

The PADANI legacy has been about satisfying customers by turning their dream pieces of jewelry into reality, in a way that combines premium craftsmanship and supreme materials.

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PADANI operates eight extravagant Stores throughout Israel. Earlier this year, PADANI launched an International Website and in the coming days, they will be opening their newest location, a Showroom on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Make sure to check out these Bestselling PADANI Jewelry Collections:

My First PADANI - A contemporary and youthful design

Love & Friendship – Moments of emotion captured within a personal jewel

Violetto Contour: PADANI’s Trademark Collection

Violetto Enamel: A perfect blend of gold, enamel and diamonds

Violetto Ceramic: Ceramic, Gold and Diamonds

Dragonfly: Distinct jewelry based on the Dragonfly

Clouds: The Newest PADANI Collection inspired by the Clouds

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For Pre-Pesach Delivery, place your order by Friday, April 12.

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