Watch Israel Police election day activity

Israel Police operates since morning to maintain law and order at polls. Several investigations opened on suspicion of forgery.

Mordechai Sones ,

Police at voting station
Police at voting station
Flash 90

The Israel Police continues special operational readiness on the day of elections for the 21st Knesset of the State of Israel throughout the country, to ensure the proper functioning of the democratic process.

Following a number of suspected irregularities in several polling stations throughout the country, the police are acting in coordination with the Elections Committee and in accordance with Elections Committee Chairman instructions to maintain public order and prevent harm to the integrity of the elections and the secrecy of the vote.

Meanwhile, in the past few hours, police opened investigations following complaints of alleged impersonation while voting in a number of different locations around the country. Complaints were filed in Ariel by two voters who arrived at the polling station only to be told they had voted already.

Two similar complaints were filed in the Jerusalem and central regions by voters encountering similar situations.