Watch: Netanyahu doll with crown placed in Tel Aviv square

Doll contains loudspeaker projecting Netanyahu's voice saying: 'The right-wing government is in danger' and 'Leftist media.'

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Creators of the Netanyahu doll
Creators of the Netanyahu doll
Kobi Richter/TPS

A doll resembling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a crown on his head was placed Sunday morning at Habima Square in the center of Tel Aviv.

Inside the doll was a loudspeaker that was projecting Netanyahu's voice saying: "The Right-wing government is in danger" and "Leftist media."

Next to the Netanyahu doll was a charity box with the words "Thank you," apparently a response to Netanyahu's request to allow him to receive donations for his legal representation.

The sculpture was erected by two female students from Sderot who are studying animation at Sapir College, in order, they said, to let the public to "say goodbye" to Netanyahu.

"They call him 'Mr. Security' - but this feeling is fictitious," the two students, Yael Solomonovich and Paz Bernstein, told Channel 12 Sunday morning. "Like you have a teddy bear when you are a little kid, but he does not really help you. Makes sure to frighten and incite, and presents himself as the only thing that will protect us at night.”