Watch: Car theft thwarted at last minute

Attempt to steal Jewish car at gate of Beit Hagai in Hevron area prevented due to resourcefulness of the vehicle owners. Burglars escape.

Itamar Segal,

Attempt to steal car thwarted
Attempt to steal car thwarted
Naveh Margel

תיעוד: גניבת הרכב סוכלה בדקה ה-90

An attempt to steal a car near the Judea community of Beit Hagai in the Mount Hevron area was thwarted Saturday night due to the resourcefulness of the vehicle owners. The incident ended without theft and without casualties.

The owner of the vehicle, who arrived just in time, caused the burglars to panic and lose control before abandoning the vehicle to escape.

The story began on Friday, when a number of friends were on their way to Beit Hagai to spend Shabbat there. A mechanical problem that developed a short time before sunset forced them to leave the car near the gate of Beit Hagai and continue on foot into the community. Jewish law prohibits driving a vehicle after the onset of Shabbat, at sunset on Friday night, except for cases in which life is at stake.

On Saturday night, as stated, the members arrived at the vehicle just as the burglars had finished tying up the vehicle and started heading toward one of the nearby villages.

Although the situation seemed hopeless, the owner and his friends managed to get the burglars to lose control and escape by foot from the scene.

The community noted that robberies take place on the Judea and Samaria road at varying frequencies, sometimes threatening lives, and that, fortunately, this incident ended with only mental anguish.