Supermarket chain apologizes over 'swastika belts'

French supermarket chain Auchan issues apology after selling military-style money belts bearing the swastika at its Polish stores.

Ben Ariel ,


French supermarket chain Auchan issued an apology after selling military-style money belts bearing the Nazi swastika at its Polish stores, calling it an "oversight".

"Our 2018 product offerings did indeed include these money belts from a Polish manufacturer, though our chain wasn't aware of it," Auchan Poland spokeswoman Dorota Patejko told the AFP news agency on Tuesday.

"It was an oversight on our part, a situation that we regret," she said, adding that the group was currently checking stores nationwide and would recall any of the belts left in stock.

"Only one money belt with the Nazi symbol has been located so far. It's been pulled from shelves," she clarified.

The local newspaper Gazeta Krakowska had reported on Monday about the case of a woman who bought one of the belts in an Auchan store in the southern city of Krakow.

"It's sewn out of camouflage fabric and has various bits of text," the client said, adding that she only recently realized there was a swastika.

"I'm in shock. I've been walking around with a purse with a Nazi symbol for weeks. I never would have thought a supermarket chain would sell something like this," she added.

Polish laws forbid the reproducing of the Nazi swastika and the propagation of Nazi ideology is punished by a fine or up to two years in prison.

Several weeks ago, Poland announced that Holocaust denier David Irving would not be allowed to enter the country or lead tours at Nazi death camps.