Demolition order against terrorist's house issued

IDF Central Command commander orders demolition of house of terrorist who murdered Gal Kaidan and Rabbi Achad Ettinger last month.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF searches for terrorist
IDF searches for terrorist
IDF spokesperson

The commander of the Central Command, Major General Nadav Padan, signed an order to confiscate and demolish the apartment of Omar Abu Lilah, who carried out the shooting and stabbing attack in which Staff Sergeant Gal Kaidan and Rabbi Achiad Ettinger were murdered last month.

The attack occurred on March 17 at the Ariel Junction and at the Giti Avisar junction in Samaria. The demolition order will take effect on April 8, 2019.

On Monday, documentation was published of the intensive pursuit of the terrorist who carried out the attack. The search lasted three days and ended up in a shootout. The IDF Counterterrorism Unit participated in the search, and the forces operated in all the villages adjacent to the attack area, Burkin, Salfit and a-Zawiya, in order to reach the terrorist at the highest possible speed.

During the search, the forces looked under every stone and rock, crossed fields, entered caves and houses, and interrogated suspects and collaborators until they captured the terrorist.

The commander of a company in the LTC unit, Capt. R., said: "As soon as we realized that there was a terrorist attack and that the terrorist escaped, our teams from the counterterrorism school were taken to a man-to-field base and immediately began searching."

"We knew that until the terrorist was found, the mission was not completed. Night and day we combed the area with another wide range of forces until the terrorist was found. The soldiers strove for contact throughout the search and the motivation to complete the mission was high. We will continue to act where necessary to ensure the security calm and protect the residents of the area," added Captain R.