Force-feeding of terrorists on hunger strike?

Doctors in reserves to be recruited to man force-feeding facilities if strike of terrorists in Israeli prisons takes place this Sunday.

Yehonatan Gottlieb,

prison (illustrative)
prison (illustrative)

The Israel Prison Service and the Ministry of Public Security are preparing for a hunger strike of terrorists imprisoned in Israel.

Orientalist Yoni Ben Menachem reported on his Twitter account that doctors in the reserves will be recruited to man the force-feeding facilities if the hunger strike is indeed launched on Sunday.

The security prisoners intend not to drink or eat in order to collapse quickly and thus to exert pressure on Israel.

A senior member of the “Palestinian Prisoners' Club” in Ramallah said that the initiative was that of the leadership of Hamas prisoners in Israel, whom dozens of Fatah prisoners and former Tanzim secretary-general Marwan Barghouti, who is serving five life sentences, are expected to join.

The strike is part of the efforts of the imprisoned terrorists against the intention of the Israel Prison Service to prevent them from receiving cell phone reception in the prison cells.

The Prisons Service informed some of the organizing prisoners that they may be deprived of their rights under the law following the strike.