'Maybe some maniac took a rock and killed an Arab woman'

Transcripts from investigation of Rechelim yeshiva student accused of killing Arab Aisha a-Rabi four months ago revealed.

Mordechai Sones,

'Some maniac'
'Some maniac'

"I don't know - maybe some maniac took a rock and killed an Arab woman," the Jewish terror affair defendant said during his interrogation.

L., a yeshiva student in Rechelim accused of killing Arab Aisha a-Rabi about four months ago, explains in his interrogation how his DNA was found on the rock that hit a-Rabi, while someone else did the deed.

"I've lived there for a year-and-a-half, I go out and walk around there a lot," said the defendant in his interrogation regarding the Rechelim yeshiva. "I follow the advice of Rabbi Nachman - to go every day to the fields, to be alone and to speak with Hashem. I smoke, so I spit a lot. I could have spat and hit the rock once. Or I urinated, or I was cut and some blood dripped. Maybe at some campfire I got cut while collecting wood, so I don't know."

For two weeks the Binyamin youth maintained silence during his interrogations until the police announced in court they would file an indictment against him. During a two-month investigation, testimonies were taken from dozens of yeshiva students in Rechalim, near the place of A-Rabi's death. Five of them were arrested, including L. - the only one charged with manslaughter under terrorist circumstances.

"I believe that you - the police - your job is to find the truth and discover the real culprit, and to find that I'm innocent," he said in his interrogation, "In my life, I chose the path of Torah. I learn a lot and want to grow up and be a rabbi. On Friday night I don't go out to do nonsense - to desecrate Shabbat and throw a rock, or to murder, which is the most severe prohibition in the Torah."

When asked by the interrogators about material from his phone containing pictures insulting Arabs and politically incorrect slogans, he replied, "I came to talk about what happened on Shabbat, nothing else, and if you want to talk about anything else, come to me at home, I'll make you some coffee, but in the end it's only pictures, I didn't take them; it's 15 pictures out of 500."

The report said the interrogators confronted L. with the fact that he gave his version only after it was decided to indict him. The defendant claimed: "I know that the Shin Bet has no problem inventing findings and making a person admit things he didn't do. From the moment I came here I was humiliated, tied to a chair all day with my hands behind my back, I can't fall asleep because my ears ache from the interrogators' screams that humiliate me and curse me and play music on Shabbat on purpose.

"When I received such treatment, I decided I wasn't cooperating, and when I spoke to the lawyer after the last hearing, I understood there was this false DNA evidence. I decided to contact you and explain it at the hearing."