Bnei Brak rabbi passes away

Rabbi Moshe Landau, Bnei Brak rabbi and head of respected kashrut organization, passes away at 82.

Ben Shaul,

Rabbi Moshe Landau
Rabbi Moshe Landau
Shuki Lerer

Bnei Brak's Rabbi Moshe Yehuda Leib Landau passed away Saturday evening at the age of 82.

Rabbi Landau was hospitalized earlier this week, after being diagnosed with an infection.

Rabbi Landau, who succeeded his father as Bnei Brak's rabbi, served in the position for 32 years.

His position included handling the city's religious issues, including marriages, eruvs (boundaries which allow things to be carried on the Sabbath and holidays), and mikvahs (ritual baths). He also gave lectures on various topics in Jewish law at the city's synagogues.

One of Rabbi Landau's specialties was kashrut (kosher food), and he ran one of the most well-respected kashrut supervision organizations.

The funeral, scheduled for Sunday, will begin in Netanya and travel through Bnei Brak.