'Crush Gaza from the air - we must not accept ceasefire'

National Union Chairman Smotrich slams 'ceasefire' option: For every rocket shot, we must take down 40 buildings.'

Hezki Baruch,

Rocket fired from Gaza (archive)
Rocket fired from Gaza (archive)
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National Union Chairman MK Bezalel Smotrich on Tuesday slammed the possibility that Israel would agree to a ceasefire with Hamas.

In an interview with Amir Ivgy on Galei Tzahal’s “Yoman Hatzaharayim” program, Smotrich said, "We must not, under any circumstances, accept a ceasefire at the moment. This would be a defeat that would strike a mortal blow to Israel's deterrence, which, if we admit the truth, is very thin as it is.”

Smotrich, number 2 on the United Right list, said that "Hamas must know that every shot and every violation of sovereignty carries an unbearable price. What needs to be done now is to pulverize it from the air again and again and again."

Regarding the attacks carried out last night, Smotrich said, "I am not excited by whether they did or didn’t bomb Haniyeh's bureau. For every projectile fired at the State of Israel, no matter where it falls, 40 high-rise buildings in Gaza, government buildings, training bases and homes of senior Hamas figures must be brought down.”

According to Smotrich, in the short term this behavior will restore deterrence and give Israel many years of quiet. "Hamas must understand that we are determined. It is an organization that runs a state and must preserve its own governing ability and assets, and must worry about its survival. When it realizes that it is losing them one by one to the point of threatening its survival - it will end there.”

"In the medium term, it is clear that there will be no choice but to return to Gaza and dismantle all the rogue organizations of their arms. We can show courage, go inside and deal [with the problem] from its root, take responsibility and open the gates of Gaza and encourage voluntary emigration," suggested the chairman of the National Union.