Netanyahu: Our response is powerful

PM Netanyahu speaks with reporters before leaving Washington for Israel.

Yoni Kempinski, Washington,

Netanyahu before taking off from Washington
Netanyahu before taking off from Washington
Arutz Sheva

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu took off from Washington on Monday night after cutting short his visit to the US capital following the rocket attack on the Sharon region of Israel.

Before taking off, he told reporters, in reference to US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty on the Golan Heights, "I am returning from a historic visit to Washington and this is something that will be remembered for generations. It took us 50 years to achieve this.”

“It belongs to us. We have historical foundations in the Golan Heights. When you put a hoe there, you discover magnificent synagogues that we are restoring. We returned to the Golan Heights. The Golan Heights is ours. Through our historical rights and the right to self-defense. And President Trump recognized that," continued Netanyahu.

"I'm going back to Israel to take care of the important things. I am taking the plane quickly back to Israel and from there will go to the Kirya. We gave a very, very strong response and Hamas needs to know that we will not hesitate to do all the necessary things, not related to anything, not related to the calendar but rather to the needs of Israel's security,” he concluded.