Watch: Searching terrorist's cells in Ketziot Prison

Special Israel Prison Service units raid security cells in Ketziot Prison after terror attack and attempt in past 24 hours.

Rafael Levy,

Searches in Ketziot Prison
Searches in Ketziot Prison
Prison Authority Spokesman

Special units of the Israel Prison Service (IPS) today raided security prisoner's cells in Ketziot Prison after the terror attack and attempted attack that took place over the past 24 hours inside the prison.

In the morning hours, a Hamas terrorist tried to use an awl to stab a prison guard and was neutralized by the guard.

Last night, a guard was moderately injured in a stabbing attack in Ketziot Prison, carried out by a different terrorist. The attacker was arrested and the warder evacuated to Soroka Hospital.

The prison guard, Sagi Silwan, recalled: "At the beginning there was fear it hit an artery and because of that, it was stressful and severe ... When I got to the hospital and managed to stop the bleeding, it turned out the artery hadn't been damaged."

"The IPS works day by day with the security prisoners. We're very strong, we do the job properly. We do our job in the best possible way," said Silwan.