Hamas blames Israel for prison attack

Hamas spokesperson says terrorists stabbed prison personnel because manager refused 'justified demands.'

Dalit Halevi,

Evacuating victims of the K'tziot terror attack
Evacuating victims of the K'tziot terror attack
Meir Even Chaim, Flash 90

The Hamas terror organization blamed Israel for an attack in an Israeli prison, during which Hamas terrorists stabbed two prison personnel, wounding them.

The attack, which involved two Hamas terrorists stabbing two prison officers, occurred while transferring prisoners between various wings, and was part of a protest against new rules banning prisoners from making phone calls.

Hamas speaker Musa Doudin said, "We place full responsibility for the lives of K'tziot's prisoners on the shoulders of the Israeli occupation. [The prison] has turned into a true battlefield, due to the brutal actions taken [by Israeli]."

Doudin also claimed that the reason for the attacks was the prison manager's "stubborn refusal" to meet the prisoners' "justified demands." This refusal "pushed them to take practical steps to ensure their rights, which are mandated by international law."

"We warn against harming prisoners' rights in any way," he emphasized. "The enemy will pay the price for its continued crimes against them."