Yesha leaders:
'Gantz, Lapid will bring destruction upon us'

14 heads in local authorities in Judea and Samaria call on citizens not to vote for Blue and White party, say they will expel Jews,

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Gantz and Lapid
Gantz and Lapid
Shriya Diamant

The heads of local councils in Judea and Samaria issued a public call for voters not to vote for the Blue and White party led by Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid.

14 Heads of local authorities in Judea and Samaria signed the letter stating: "It is forbidden to endanger the Land of Israel and the settlement in Judea and Samaria. In view of the danger of Lapid and Gantz's left-wing government, which will put the settlement in Judea and Samaria at risk, we call upon the national camp public to show responsibility and stand on the right of settlement."

"Lapid and Gantz, who talk about the evacuation of Jews from Judea and Samaria and the implementation of the disengagement in other places, will bring destruction upon the inheritance of our forefathers. We see great importance in voting for parties that are committed to the future of settlement and development by those loyal to the Land of Israel," they wrote.

Among the signatories to the letter are Hananel Dorani, Chairman of the Yesha Council and Chairman of the Kedumim Council, Yossi Dagan, Head of the Samaria Regional Council, Eli Shviro, Mayor of Ariel, Benny Kashriel, Mayor of Ma'aleh Adumim, Shlomo Ne'eman, and the head of the Gush Etzion Regional Council, Oded Revivi.

Oded Ravivi, head of the Efrat Regional Council and head of the foreign affairs council at the Yesha Council, said, "These days when I am in Washington and I see the reception that Prime Minister Netanyahu received, I hear about the embassies that are opening in Africa, the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem, [President Trump's] declaration on the Golan Heights. We remember the voices who warned against international isolation and understand that there are those who are good at speaking, and there are those who are good at talking and doing."