'Gantz, what does Iran know you are hiding from us?'

PM accuses Blue and White party leaders of 'panicking' over Iran's hacking of Benny Gantz's cell phone. 'What are you hiding

Gary Willig ,


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu accused Blue and White leaders Benny against and Yair Lapid of being"panicked" over Iran's hacking of Gantz's cell phone.

"[Benny Gantz],, what do the Iranian's know you are hiding?" Netanyahu asked at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

The prime minister dismissed the claims of Gantz and Lapid that new developments in the Submarine Affair may implicate him.

"There is nothing new except for one thing, Lapid and Gantz's panic," Netanyahu said.

"Why are they panicked? The answer is obvious," he stated.

"The reason for their panic is because Iran hacked Gantz's phone and stole information from him," Netanyahu explained.

"Benny Gantz, what are you hiding from the Israeli people?" he asked. "Why did not you tell this to your party partners when you were updated by the Shin Bet? What would you hide from them? Did you make irresponsible use of your personal phone when you were chief of staff and the head of a cyber company ans should know that these devices are accessible to the intelligence forces of the enemy?"

"How can a prime minister stand against Iran, our greatest enemy, if Iran has personal information about him? This is not mere gossip. It's a matter of national security," he declared.

Netanyahu told Gantz to come clean about the information which was taken from his phone. "The only way you will not be subject to blackmail is to expose the public to it now."

"I say this with regret, but you have a consistent problem of lack of judgment. Where was your judgment when you participated in the shameful memorial event which grouped together both Israeli casualties and Palestinian casualties from Operation Protective Edge, including 1,000 Hamas terrorist? Where was your judgement when you supported the dangerous Iran nuclear agreement which I opposed? Where was the judgment of Yair Lapid and yourself when you said that there are good parts to the agreement, that the Iranians are rational, and that the absence of an agreement will destroy our relations with the United States?

"Citizens of Israel, if I regain your trust, I will continue to lead the country with discretion, responsibility and strength to many more tremendous achievements," Netanyahu concluded.