Telling the true story to the United Nations in Geneva

'My Truth' delegates demonstrate outside United Nations Office during anti-Israel discussion.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

My Truth delegates outside UN
My Truth delegates outside UN
My Truth

A delegation of IDF reserve soldiers from the "My Truth" organization arrived in Geneva on Monday participated in a demonstration outside of the United Nations (UN) building.

The demonstration took place during a UN discussion criticizing Israel's response to the Gaza border riots.

My Truth delegates displayed the "Human Shields" exhibit, which showcases a collection of dozens of videotaped eyewitness accounts by IDF soldiers. The soldiers in the exhibit served in different units and at different times, but they all describe how terror organizations use the civilian population - children, the elderly, women, medical staff, and others - in order to carry out terror attacks.

The delegates also took part in a special panel in the UN building, telling the true story of how IDF soldiers in the field handle terror organizations.

"It's important that the voice of IDF soldiers be heard in this place, where the hypocrisy screams from every corner, here, facing the UN which has made countless anti-Israel resolutions and zero anti-Hamas and anti-terror resolutions." My Truth CEO Avihai Shorshan said.

"IDF soldiers and the State of Israel have been slandered for years by the international community, which presents them as war criminals. We must put an end to it. This delegation is part of a widescale international project, which will show the world the true voice of IDF soldiers and the story of the war crimes and human rights violations committed by terror organizations."

My Truth delegates outside UN office in Geneva Credit: My Truth