Lapid on Gantz phone hacking: Not a big deal

Lapid on Iranians breaking into Gantz's mobile phone: The solution is to make sure there's nothing security-related on your phone.

Arutz Sheva Staff,

Gantz and Lapid
Gantz and Lapid
Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash 90

MK Yair Lapid, one of the leaders of the Blue and White party, appeared on Sunday evening on the i2NEWS-Israel Hayom elections program, reacting to the Iranians breaking into Benny Gantz's phone and claiming that the prime minister must be suspected in the submarine affair.

"There are thousands of Iranian hacking attempts on everyone, every day," argued Lapid. “So the solution for anyone who is knowledgeable is just to make sure there is nothing related to security matters on your private phone. Everyone knows this, we are all experienced people, the four of us (the leaders of Blue and White -ed.) sat together when it was published and we looked at each other and we said, 'It's not a big deal, we all know what is permitted and what is forbidden to keep on a private device.'"

Asked about being part of a government headed by Netanyahu, Lapid replied, "The moment an indictment is filed against him, and I am not waiting for any hearing...We are ignoring the fact that we now have a prime minister who has been charged with bribery, with very serious charges, and he is going to spend half of his time in courts and with lawyers instead of carrying out his duties. That is intolerable as far as I’m concerned, both morally and in terms of his ability to function."

Lapid was asked if he thought that Case 3000, also known the submarine affair, should be reopened, and he replied, "Yes, I think that Case 3000 will be reopened I think there is no chance of bypassing the fact that he received 16 million shekels and no one knew about it.”

"And there is another fact that was published yesterday, the Prime Minister denied many times the fact that he himself was the one who approved the Egyptian submarine deal (sale of German submarines to Egypt). Yesterday it was published that it was indeed he himself who approved the Egyptian submarine deal," continued Lapid.

Case 3000 centers around allegations that Netanyahu’s personal lawyer, David, Shimron pushed for a multi-billion shekel deal to purchase new submarines from German conglomerate ThyssenKrupp, which was a client of Shimron's.

Police have stressed in the past, however, that the Prime Minister is not suspected of any connection to the affair.