Mike Huckabee visits one of remaining hiding places in Poland

Watch: Former Gov. Huckabee visits site where four Jewish girls were hidden during Holocaust, says he 'hopes we never forget.'

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 19:51

Huckabee visits Polish hiding place
Huckabee visits Polish hiding place
From The Depths

Former Arkansas Governer Mike Huckabee visited one of the last remaining Polish hideouts, accompanied by the From The Depths Foundation Chairman Jonny Daniels.

The hideout, located in the home of a Polish family who sheltered Jews hiding from German forces during World War II, is now a national monument.

It was kept a secret for 70 years - little wonder, considering the price paid by members of the Skoczylas family for refusing to reveal its inhabitants.

According to archives of the Institute of National Remembrance in Kielce consulted by the From the Depths foundation, 10 members of two families sharing one farm were executed by German troops in December 1942 for refusing to reveal the whereabouts of a Jewish family hiding in the cellar of their house.

Witness accounts gathered in the archives said the families were herded into a barn that was later set on fire. Those attempting to run away, including an 8-year-old boy, were shot. There is no information about the fate of the Jewish residents.