Israeli parties offer their solutions for the Gaza crisis

Heads of the major political parties present their plans for dealing with the ongoing security situation with Hamas in the Gaza Strip

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

A terrorist near the fence in Gaza
A terrorist near the fence in Gaza

The leaders of the various political parties were asked to propose their own proposal for the ongoing situation in the Gaza Strip on Galai Tzahal (Army Radio) Sunday.

The Blue and White party responded that it was not ready for a payment of 'protection money' to Hamas, but would agree to any humanitarian aid that would reach the residents of Gaza. The party will work to ensure that the Gazans understand that what stands between them and a good life is Hamas. They will carry attempt to help the residents of Gaza and severely harm Hamas with the umbrella of a broad regional initiative.

The Likud party did provide a plan.

The Kulanu party responded that the head of the party Kahlon opposed the disengagement plan, but since it was carried out, the party would promote the 'Iron Wall' plan for total disengagement from the Gaza Strip. Israel would severely hurt anyone who would try to harm its sovereignty from the Gaza Strip and encourage moderate elements to invest in economic and social development in Gaza.

The New Right party responded that it is the only one that presents right-wing positions in all areas. Minister Bennett has already presented a plan for Hamas to be voted upon by the Security Cabinet, and that the "protection money" Israel pays to Hamas. Bennett as defense minister will not allow Hamas to celebrate and the terrorists will have to start to be afraid.

The Labor Party said that the Israeli people will not suffer the terror of balloons, kites, explosive charges and arson. The IDF's response so far is correct and accurate, and Hamas is the sovereign in Gaza and must bear responsibility, and the party will initiate political moves and develop humanitarian projects in Gaza.

The Meretz Party responded that a deterioration in another military confrontation in Gaza is not in Israel's interest, and certainly that a prime minister during elections and under corruption investigations has no mandate to embark on unnecessary wars. The solution must be negotiations, including the cessation of violence, the humanitarian rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip and the civilians living there, and the lifting of the closure of the Gaza Strip. After all this - talks with the leadership of the 'Palestinian people' on a comprehensive political settlement.

Shas party chairman Aryeh Deri is a member of the security cabinet in the last government and in past governments, and he will express his opinion on security matters only in this framework and after hearing the many security officials.

The United Torah Judaism party said that the party traditionally does not take a stand on foreign and defense issues and that they rely on the defense establishment and the prime minister. In Knesset votes, they vote according to the instructions of their rabbinical leaders.

The Yisrael Beiteinu party said the party had a regular and consistent solution to the conflict with the Arab world. The overall solution is based on territorial and population exchanges and the creation of homogeneous political entities that will provide long-term security. But now that Hamas is raising its head, the political muses must remain silent. Now terrorism must be endeed in Gaza and Judea and Samaria by cutting off Hamas' three sources: ideological, financial and operational. The plan to eradicate terror includes: targeted assassinations of terror leaders, offsetting salaries of PA terrorists, stopping the transfer of Qatari money to Hamas, the death penalty for murderers, stopping the return of terrorists to their families, and the demolishing the terrorists' homes.

The Zehut party aid that Israel has invested more than NIS 1 trillion in the Oslo Accords, which account for more than 12% of the budget each year, and that Hamas is quickly liquidating the budget for aid to the vast majority of Gaza's residents.

The Hadash-Ta'al party said that the road to rebuilding Gaza is part of a comprehensive peace agreement with the leadership in Gaza and Judea and Samaria. The siege policy on Gaza must be stopped and Gaza residents allowed to live their lives. This will be the only way to end the rounds of fighting.