Body of hiker located in Eilat Mountains

US citizen who went missing yesterday found lifeless in a ravine. Today, his body was recovered with the help of an IDF helicopter.

Rafael Levi,

Recovering the body in Eilat Mountains
Recovering the body in Eilat Mountains
Police Spokesperson

Israel Police on Saturday morning received a report of a US citizen in his 20s who had gone for a walk during the morning in the Eilat Mountains region and who had since gone missing.

Army and police forces, including members of the Eilat-Eilot police rescue unit, a drone unit, and a police helicopter, alongside IDF trackers, searched for hours for the young man.

In the afternoon, the body of a young man was located in a ravine at Har Shlomo, at a height of hundreds of meters. The members of the police rescue unit managed to reach the young man by foot and found that he was not breathing and had no pulse, apparently because of a fall, and was no longer alive.

Due to the nature of the terrain and location where the body was found, the rescuers could not remove it from the area, and therefore police requested the assistance of an IDF helicopter and rescue unit.

On Sunday morning, the elite 669 unit arrived and spent hours recovering the body.

Israel Police opened an investigation into the cause of death; Initial investigations raise no suspicions of criminal activity. The young man's body will be sent to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for identification and further investigation into the cause of death.

Israel Police handed over all the details of the case to the competent authorities, who contacted the young man’s family in the United States and informed them of the incident.

Recovering the body at Har Shlomo (Credit: Police Spokesperson)