Bennett to Netanyahu: Stop being afraid of terrorists

New Right chief hits Prime Minister over Arab riots on Temple Mount. 'Stop being afraid of terrorists, Mr. Netanyahu.'

Uzi Baruch,

Bennett, Netanyahu
Bennett, Netanyahu
Flash 90

Education Minister and New Right chairman Naftali Bennett accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of failing to stand up to terrorism and Arab provocations on the Temple Mount.

According to a report by Yediot Ahronot Monday, two weeks ago, two Israeli prisons installed systems to block cell phone reception inside the facilities. The program, which had been pushed by Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan, was aimed at blocking cell phone use by terrorists held in the two facilities who were using devices which had been smuggled into the prisons.

Once the cell blockers were activated, however, Hamas terrorists held in the prisons protested, leading the IDF to call for the devices to be deactivated for the time being, saying it was “bad timing” to introduce the devices.

Following the report by Yediot, Bennett accused the prime minister of taking a conciliatory approach towards Arab provocations.

“Stop being afraid of terrorists, Mr. Netanyhau,” Bennett said Monday. “The terrorists are warning that they’ll get upset if you block their illegal cell phones in prison, so you gave in?”

“Also on the metal detectors you showed the same fear when confronted by threats, so now we have terrorists taking over the Temple Mount,” Bennett continued referring to the recent attempts by rioters to force open the Golden Gate area on the Temple Mount, which has been closed since 2003 after it was used for terrorist activity.

“Why are you waiting, Mr. Defense Minister and Prime Minister? Block [their cell phones] today. I’ll give you full backing!”