Honoring parents economically - What does it really mean?

What to do after inheriting your parents' stock portfolio.

Douglas Goldstein,

Douglas Goldstein
Douglas Goldstein

Douglas Goldstein, CFP and director of Profile Investment Services Ltd., outlines different aspects of receiving an inheritance.

Recently received your parents’ portfolio? What should be your next move if you inherit stocks? The free resource “How to Make the Most Out of Your Parents’ Stocks” answers complex questions investors have about inheritances.

How are inheritances taxed? Are inheritances taxed differently in the United States? What is capital gains tax? If you recently received a U.S. portfolio, there are certain U.S. tax laws that could impact your inheritance.

While Douglas Goldstein is a financial advisor, and does not provide tax advise, there are certain tax ramifications to owning/inheriting stocks that you need to know about.