Gantz: A seminal evening in Israeli history

'Blue and White' leader Benny Gantz says he will be Israel's 13th prime minister.

Yoni Kempinski,

Gantz (left) with Lapid (right)
Gantz (left) with Lapid (right)
צילום: מיכאל שבדרון

'Blue and White' party chairman Benny Gantz Thursday evening at the exhibition grounds alongside Yair Lapid.

"The image of unity you see now has not been seen for decades," Gantz said. "An evil spirit has been roaming the streets, we are here to say: enough is enough."

In the weeks after the elections, I will be Israel's 13th prime minister," Gantz added. "My government will be our government, and it will not rise above the people, but will be its government, and our government will not be a government of extremists and agitators."

He said that his joint run with Yair Lapid marked "a seminal evening in the history of Israel."

"We will see to it that the elderly woman who arrives at the emergency room will see a doctor immediately, and that a soldier will know that he will have a place on the train on Sunday," Ganz said.

MK Lapid said in his speech, "I believe that Benny Gantz will lead the State of Israel and will be an excellent prime minister. I believe in him. They say that Netanyahu should be replaced at the ballot box? Let's win at the ballot box. There is a historic opportunity here."

"Netanyahu is bringing the Kahane people to the Knesset and wants to entrust Smotrich with the education of our children. We offer values ​​and a winning team," Lapid added.

Former Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said in his speech, "I was ashamed yesterday when I learned about Netanyahu's special effort to bring Kahanists into Israel's Knesset. Netanyahu is ready to sell all our Jewish values, our democratic Israeli values just for his own political survival ."