'I have no expectations from the court'

Terror victim says he has no expectation that his terrorist attacker will receive a long prison term.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Israel Ben-Aharon
Israel Ben-Aharon
Eliran Aharon

Wounded in a stabbing attack three years ago, Israel Ben-Aharon came to the trial on Sunday for the terrorist who had stabbed him.

In a conversation with Arutz Sheva, Ben-Aharon said that after his acquaintance with the Israeli legal system, he did not expect the terrorist to receive a severe punishment.

“I do not expect anything, I will say what I have to say and that’s it. I live in Israel, I do not expect anything.”

“These people are not banned from society. They are [the] heroes and we are always the victims. This terrorist has to spend his whole life in jail and without conditions, but I do not expect that to happen,” Ben-Aharon said.

Attorney Haim Bleicher for the Honenu organization said, “We came here to ask for him to be punished as severely as possible. The punishment for such a terrorist must unequivocally be the death penalty. So too should every terrorist who tries to murder a Jew, and therefore the offended victim understands that any punishment he receives will not suffice”.

“We ask that he receive at least twenty years in prison, that the terrorist will not be released from prison at a young age. We want to raise the level of punishment because every year the terrorist is in prison, it will give more security to the citizens of Israel,” Bleicher added.

"I have no expectations from the court"