Mike Pence:
'We are beginning a new era'

US Vice President delivers opening remarks at Warsaw conference on Middle East. "We are stronger together than we ever could be apart."

Tal Polon ,

Opening of conference
Opening of conference
Prime Minister's Spokesperson

US Vice President Mike Pence delivered opening remarks Wednesday night at the conference on “Peace and Security in the Middle East” held in Warsaw.

The conference is being hosted by the US and Poland, and is said to include representatives from some 60 countries, including those from the Arab world.

“Tonight, I believe we are beginning a new era,” Pence said. “The Prime Minister of Israel, the leaders of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE all breaking bread together, and later in this conference sharing honest perspectives on the challenges facing the region.”

“Poland and the United States welcome this outward symbol of this gathering, a symbol of cooperation and a hopeful sign of a brighter future that awaits nations in the MIddle East.”

“But as we begin these discussions let us recognize that we are stronger together than we could ever be apart,” he added.

Speaking from Warsaw earlier, Prime Minister Netanyahu touted his planned “open meeting with representatives of leading Arab countries” over the Iranian threat they share as a concern, after having just met with the foreign minister of Oman.

"From here I am going to meet with 60 foreign ministers and representatives of countries around the world against Iran. What is important is the meeting. And it is a meeting that is not hidden or held in secret, because there are a lot of such meetings. It is in fact an open meeting with representatives of leading Arab countries who sit with Israel to advance the common interest of containing Iran,” he said.

"What we are doing is removing Iran from Syria. We are committed to doing this and will continue to do so. Warsaw is cold at the moment, but Israel's foreign relations are heating up and warming for the better,” Netanyahu concluded.